Deadline: NOVEMBER 26, 2017


What is the “25 Days of Box Sets” Giveaway?

  • The “25 Days of Box Sets” Giveaway is a LIST-BUILDING, JOINT GIVEAWAY that will run from December 1st – December 31st as a MASSIVE holiday promo.

How does this box set promo work?

  • I will categorize your novel into a specific sci-fi, fantasy, or horror sub-genre.
  • THEN, I will organize downloadable, all-in-one box sets of 10-15 authors BY sub-genre.
  • There will be 25 downloadable box sets (by sub-genre) in all. Each box set will be available from December 1-31.
  • Each author will sign up for two promo days, and we will invite our prospective readers to download as many box sets as they choose in exchange for their email addresses. All authors will also promote the “25 Days of Prizes” giveaway alongside the box set giveaway.
  • IF YOU CHOOSE: your book will also be listed individually on a genre-specific book page on Instafreebie, available the entire month of December. (This is just in case readers want YOUR book without having to download the entire box set.) You will be prompted to add your book to Instafreebie after you join the giveaway.
  • Both NA Noir(e) and all participating authors will promote the box sets, the prize giveaway, and their specific Instafreebie genre pages, to their readers and on social media, throughout the entire month.

why is there an opt-in fee?

The opt-in fee covers the following services and amenities:

  • your manuscript collated and formatted into an all-in-one, genre-specific, downloadable box set that can be downloaded in one fell swoop by readers (manuscript submission required!);
  • professional, gorgeous cover design for the box set your manuscript is in,
  • the final subscriber list for the box set your manuscript is in,
  • participation in the “25 Days of Prizes” portion of the giveaway (wherein I’ll be drawing 25 reader names from the pool of readers who have downloaded the box sets and giving them some amazing prizes (i.e. Kindle Fire tablets, KU subscriptions, reader swag, posters, T-shirts, Amazon gift cards, and more)),
  • paid ads for Facebook, Amazon, giveaway directories, and many other book advertising outlets,
  • your book listed on its genre’s book page on Instafreebie along with other books in the same genre;
  • Instafreebie sponsorhip & IF’s promotion of your genre’s book page on Instafreebie, and,
  • other major marketing pushes of your genre’s book page to my readers and to other participating authors’ readers.


  • YES. If you are expecting to get royalties from this box set promotion, then this is not the right promo for you. This promo is a list-building promo, and thus our giveaway offers will be 100% free.


  • As many as you like! Each submission, however, will require a separate opt-in fee.

How does this promo benefit me as an author?

  • BENEFIT #1: The most important weapon in an author’s arsenal is her email list, chock-full of readers who are just aching for the author’s next book. While it’s really possible to sell books regularly on other online and brick-and-mortar retailers, it’s a lot easier and more efficient to sell directly to your mailing list. (Or, at LEAST it makes it easier to announce the release of your next book and direct your list to buy it.) It’s also a great way to start building a more personal relationship with your audience.Readers are really attracted to deals where they get what they love most for free or for a discounted price, namely free/discounted ebooks and especially ebook bundles. This promo is designed to attract readers to authors’ mailing lists by offering just that: 25 FREE (but limited-time) book bundles in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, the paranormal and their relevant sub-genres (like cyberpunk and LitRPG) in exchange for them signing up to authors’ email lists.


  • BENEFIT #2: I organize some really awesome promos, my most recent one having attracted nearly 10,500 readers onto my mailing list. I expect this promo to be even bigger and to attract even more subscribers than my last promo. That added benefit of this promo, though, is that it’s more targeted, specifically for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror authors.

Where can I get more information on the structures and benefits of author promotions and joint giveaways?

  • For more education on the business and marketing side of being an author, I suggest checking out websites like The Creative Penn and The Self-Publishing Podcast at Sterling & Stone. You can also check out Nick Stephenson’s “Your First 10,000 Readers” and his “Dream Team Network” courses.Also, there are entire communities of authors who do this on a pretty regular basis, and there are LOTS of Facebooks dedicated to box sets and cross promos. (Literally just go onto Facebook and type in cross promo, and you’ll be able to join all the cross-promo groups you like!) My promo is merely just one of them, but will certainly be amongst the biggest and most fun, so join today!


Can i see a list of the box set sub-genres?

  • Of course! See the finalized box set sub-genre list HERE:

Where is the giveaway hosted?

  • Each box set will be free and downloadable on its own Instafreebie page. The page link and all the promo materials will be sent to you a few weeks before the start of the giveaway.

How much is the opt-in fee & how do I pay it?

  • The opt-in fee is $25.00.
  • Send your opt-in fee via PayPal to
  • Please note that unless you pay your opt-in fee, your spot in the promo will NOT be confirmed. 

Is the opt-in fee refundable?

  • Yes, but only if you choose NOT to participate in the promo at all, AND you have to withdraw your novel by November 26th, 2017. If you withdraw anytime after that, that’s fine, but you will not get refunded.


  • I do not offer refunds for any other reason, i.e. in cases wherein authors did not get the 10,000 subscribers they were hoping for, for example, lol.

What does the opt-in fee cover? / What is the opt-in fee for?

  • Your opt-in fee will cover the following: the cover image for your box set, the 3D cover image for your box set, the creation of each box set file, hosting of the box sets at Instafreebie, promo graphics for the giveaway, the holiday gift grab (where 25 lucky winners will win a small prize, just for downloading the box sets), professional advertising for the box set at reputable book promoters, and much much more! (+ pretty much me doing 95% of the organizational, design, promo, and technical work).


Can I submit more than one novel so that I can be in multiple box sets?

  • Yes!
  • Side note: You will also have an opportunity to submit a DIFFERENT novel to the “New Adult Noir(e) Black Sands Collection”, which features a special selection of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and SFF/H romance and erotica novels. ONLY **DARK & GRITTY** NOVELS will be accepted into this special collection!

in what formats CAN I SUBMIT MY NOVEl?

  • .DOC, .DOCX, MOBI, and EPUB are all accepted.

WILL YOU STEAL MY WORK AND USE IT ELSEWHERE, or anywhere outside of this promo?

  • HELL TO THE NO, boo. Not only am I NOT an unethical slimebugger, but I also have no intention of wrecking my reputation amongst authors I love and respect. Plus, I’m probably already subscribed to your email list and already have your book on my reader. 😉 But seriously, NO THIEVERY OR PIRACY is allowed at NA Noir(e). This is for mutually beneficial promotion and list-building ONLY, and our reputation means just as much to us as your trust in us.

Marketing faqs

how will this crazy promo be marketed, and where do i fit in?

  • A few things will happen with marketing, in this order:
  • STEP #1: You will be notified of which box set you’re in, your box set co-authors, and the titles of the works a few weeks before the beginning of the promo.
  • STEP #2: You will get a GENRE PACKET for your box set, which will include: the box set graphics, the advertising graphics for all social media outlets, the link to the box set itself, the link to the general “25 Days of Box Sets” page, the link to the Holiday Box Set Gift Grab Giveaway, and all the copy you need so you can literally just copy and paste newsletters and social media blasts to your readers.
  • STEP #3: You will sign up for TWO dates in December to send your newsletter to your readers. You will also reconfirm your commitment to blast this giveaway to your social media outlets at LEAST 1x a week until the promo is over.


 WHO will GET subscriber lists AT THE END OF THE PROMO?

  • If you skimp on your responsibilities, not only will you not get your promised lists, but you will also be barred from all future giveaways at NA NOIR(E) (and not just the X-mas one either).
  • If you run into issues with sharing, please let me know and we can certainly work something out. But you MUST communicate with me. This is to keep things fair for the other authors who are busting their rumps on promoting this bad boy!

there are 25 box sets being offered and thus, 25 different subscriber lists being built. How many lists will i get?


  • YOU WILL ONLY GET ONE LIST!! Authors will only get the list for the box set in which their novel was included! It doesn’t matter if you write both military sci-fi AND dystopian novels in general. If your novel is only in ONE box set you will only get the subscriber list generated by that SPECIFIC box set.
  • CAVEAT: The only time authors will get multiple lists is if they are included in multiple box sets. This includes the special edition NA Noire “Black Sands” Collection Box Set set to release on December 24. All authors who are included in the “Black Sands” Collection will receive the Black Sands subscriber list.

Colby, how will you CLEAN THE LISTS TO make sure that THEY aren’t crap-full of fake emails, freebie hunters, and bargain binge-ers?

  • Here’s my process for list-cleaning, for both single-genre and multiple-genre giveaways: CLICK HERE

Any more questions? Just shoot me (Colby) an email at, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Until then, I hope you decide to join us! 🙂