Hi, I’m Julie!

I’m a YA Author and Book Blurb Maven, and if you’re an author too, I’ve got two awesome services for you.

PLUS, if you keep scrolling, you’ll get a sneak peek at my new book, 5 Steps to Better Blurbs: Crafting Dynamic Descriptions that Sell.


#1: Basic Book Blurb Rewrite:

This is where you’ve given it your best shot and you’re just not happy with it. I’ll give you comments on what’s working and what’s not working. Then, I’ll give you a suggested rewrite. I offer one revision because my first crack isn’t always on the mark for one reason or another. The original blurb could be misleading, incomplete, scattered, or something else entirely. Once I can fire enough questions at you to get a feel for your book, I can usually come up with a great blurb for you.

cost of Basic Book Blurb Rewrite:

  • $20 Basic + 1 revision – I take your original, give suggestions, and offer a suggested rewrite + a revision of the revision
  • $10 Revision Package – Up to 3 more revisions

** NOTE: You get $5.00 off all blurb rewrites and generations if you buy my book on how to write book descriptions.

** Price changes won’t be in effect until I actually hit publish on that book, so hurry to get yours locked-in for $15! **

#2: Basic Book Description Generation from Notes:

Here, you provide me with an outline of your book (ie. the synopsis), notes about what you’d like the blurb to accomplish, and I’ll generate a description for you.

rates for writing a book description:

  • $40 Blurb Generation + 1 revision – I work with the raw notes to write a description for you + a revision
  • $10 Revision Package – Up to 3 more revisions




EMAIL: Devyaschildren@gmail.com

Check out my book on writing blurbs!

5 steps to better blurbs: crafting dynamic descriptions that sell

Want to write better blurbs?

Blurb writing is the most misunderstood task we undertake. Here, I dissect the principles at work behind awesome blurbs, examine the common mistakes, and detail some completed case studies.

Once I’ve shown you the five steps to strengthening the book description, you can put what you’ve learned into play.


  • 10 principles of dream blurbs
  • 5 common mistakes
  • 10+ case studies
  • 5 steps to better blurbs
  • 6 exercises to strengthen your blurbs

Bonus: INSIDE You’ll find information on getting additional case studies and free or discounted blurb overhauls!


** Samples available upon request. **


“Julie is the Blurb Queen, able to polish and refine the author’s content into prose that POPS.”
~ Amy Shojai, Lei Crime Kindle World – Born to Love

“Julie has the ability to distill an author’s idea into a statement that makes readers want to open the book.” Scott Bury, LCKW – Torn Roots

“Julie is AWESOME at taking a nothing blurb and turning it into something completely excellent!!!” ~ Amy Allen Hallmark, LCKW – The Girl and The Fireman series

“Julie has the eye and ear to take an author’s idea from ordinary blurb to one that captures the essence of a story and the reader’s imagination.” ~ Janet Oakley, LCKW – SADDLE ROAD & COCONUT ISLAND

“Julie helped me transform my blurb from a summary of my story into an effective element of my book’s sales funnel.” ~ J. Philip Horne, The Guild of Sevens series